Asphalt, Oil & Stone, Concrete? 

                        We also install Belgium Block Edging and Aprons for the end of your driveway.


Here are descriptions of the most common kinds of driveways and the benefits of each

Asphalt Paving – This material is resilient and covers the majority of paved roads in the US.  When properly   installed, it will last approximately 20 years.  It is composed of stone and sand, mixed with liquid asphalt cement (a petroleum product similar to tar or oil.)  An asphalt plant will mix in various sizes of aggregate, and heat it to      degrees F.   It is delivered hot to your home, laid down by the paver and compacted by rollers.  It will take a day ot two to completely harden.  This type of driveway is best for sloping areas and provides a durable, functional surface for sports and

Oil and Stone driveway Fairfield CTOil & StoneThis surface is more rustic and aesthetically pleasing, creating a stately look.  The Oil & Stone will require more effort to keep looking its best.  It is also a great surface in low lying areas that might be frequently under water, as it will allow the water to dissipate easier.  On steep slopes, or hilly drives, it is not a good choice because of the danger of erosion.


Concrete Driveway - Easton CTConcrete   The upfront costs associated with concrete are more reasonable than most people assume, especially  considering that there is minimum maintenance once installed. Plus, it looks the best! You do not have to worry about weeds and vegetation growing through cracks, and the natural stone look is more aesthetically pleasing than black asphalt




Belgium Block Pavers Edging a Driveway       Belgium Block Edging –  If you want to improve curb appeal, and also provide a  clear    visual  aid as you drive in and out on your driveway – install a belgium block driveway edging.  The asphalt driveway’s edges must first be cut away with a concrete saw to create a straight edge.  A trench to house the belgium block is uniformly measured and dug out, and the blocks are installed after concrete has been laid down to stabilize the blocks.  After everything is dried and hardened, this new edge makes a terrific landscape border!

Driveway in Fairfield CT with belgium block apronBelgium Block  Aprons  – A Driveway apron can add an elegant, welcoming touch to your home, and at  a reasonable cost.  In addition to a straightford, uniform installation,  interesting patterns can be created using Belgian Block, concrete or prick pavers, or natural stone.  The preparation of the base is very critical, and you need to have sufficient base preparation so your driveway will hold up to the extreme weight loads throughout the years. 




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